What Does Adidas Stand for

What Does Adidas Stand for: The Name’s Intriguing Origins

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Adidas is one of the world’s most popular brands. Although many people know it’s a leading provider of sportswear and equipment, few know the meaning behind its name. So What Does Adidas Stand for? The company’s roots lie in the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, founded in 1924. However, after falling out with his brother Rudolf, […]

how to save money on clothes, thrifting and other tips

8 Tips on How To Save Money on Clothes in 2022

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Balancing between your wardrobe and your wallet can be daunting. With the whole world worried about finances in 2022, asking how to save money on clothes is more than reasonable. So, how can you save without skimping on style? Read on to see what the experts have to say! How To Spend Less Money on […]

Fashion Magazine Statistics - Featured Image

22 Fashion Magazine Statistics Every Fashion Lover Should Know

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Fashion magazines are a crucial part of the fashion industry, creating and distributing information about upcoming styles, trends, and designers. Despite the ongoing shift from print magazines to digital copies, fashion magazine statistics show that women worldwide are still loyal readers. Industry big-names like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle still take their fair share of the […]

Groupon Statistics - Featured Image

12 Revealing Groupon Statistics for 2022

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Groupon started in November 2008, but it was quite different from what it is today. The idea was to launch a group buying platform with deals available only once a critical mass or a tipping point was reached. However, this model soon had to be abandoned for financial reasons. Regardless of the business model, the […]

ecommerce growth statistics

22 Telling Ecommerce Growth Statistics for 2022

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Shopping online is not only a means to an end anymore. With all the browsing and comparing of products, it’s become a leisure activity. Furthermore, in pandemic times, it presented a safer alternative for purchasing anything. In countries like the UK, ecommerce growth statistics show it is steadily approaching the rates of in-store shopping in […]

Nike Facts - Featured Image

21 Impressive Nike Facts and Stats for 2022

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It’s widely known that Nike is the most iconic sports brand in the world, but most people aren’t aware of just how influential this company is. These Nike facts show just that, from demographics to the number of retail stores to multi-billion dollar sponsorships. Read on to see how this global brand is keeping its […]