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How To Become a Fashion Influencer + 6 Top Questions Answered

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Social media has taken over the world, and it’s easy to see why. It allows us to stay connected with friends and family wherever they are, share our thoughts and experiences, and learn from others. One of the ways social media is used most effectively is for promoting and sharing interests—including fashion. If you love […]

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The Ultimate List of the Top 15 TikTok Fashion Influencers to Follow

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TikTok is taking the world by storm! The app is getting increasingly popular among various age groups, which prompted most influencers to share their creativity on this platform. Fashion icons are no different.  Today, we’re bringing you a list of TikTok fashion influencers whose engaging videos garnered them a considerable following practically overnight. These people […]

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How Much Is a Louis Vuitton Bag – 4 Top FAQ Answered

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When it comes to designer handbags, there’s no name more iconic and renowned than Louis Vuitton. The company’s products are always in high demand, and with such exclusivity comes a price tag to match. But how much is a Louis Vuitton bag exactly? And what many of us wonder is—why? Read on and get all […]

What Does Adidas Stand for

What Does Adidas Stand for: The Name’s Intriguing Origins

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Adidas is one of the world’s most popular brands. Although many people know it’s a leading provider of sportswear and equipment, few know the meaning behind its name. So What Does Adidas Stand for? The company’s roots lie in the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, founded in 1924. However, after falling out with his brother Rudolf, […]

how to save money on clothes, thrifting and other tips

8 Tips on How To Save Money on Clothes in 2024

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Balancing between your wardrobe and your wallet can be daunting. With the whole world worried about finances in 2022, asking how to save money on clothes is more than reasonable. So, how can you save without skimping on style? Read on to see what the experts have to say! How To Spend Less Money on […]