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22 Fashion Magazine Statistics Every Fashion Lover Should Know

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Fashion magazines are a crucial part of the fashion industry, creating and distributing information about upcoming styles, trends, and designers. Despite the ongoing shift from print magazines to digital copies, fashion magazine statistics show that women worldwide are still loyal readers. Industry big-names like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle still take their fair share of the […]

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12 Revealing Groupon Statistics for 2024

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Groupon started in November 2008, but it was quite different from what it is today. The idea was to launch a group buying platform with deals available only once a critical mass or a tipping point was reached. However, this model soon had to be abandoned for financial reasons. Regardless of the business model, the […]

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22 Telling Ecommerce Growth Statistics for 2024

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Shopping online is not only a means to an end anymore. With all the browsing and comparing of products, it’s become a leisure activity. Furthermore, in pandemic times, it presented a safer alternative for purchasing anything. In countries like the UK, ecommerce growth statistics show it is steadily approaching the rates of in-store shopping in […]

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21 Impressive Nike Facts and Stats for 2024

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It’s widely known that Nike is the most iconic sports brand in the world, but most people aren’t aware of just how influential this company is. These Nike facts show just that, from demographics to the number of retail stores to multi-billion dollar sponsorships. Read on to see how this global brand is keeping its […]

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30 Noteworthy Beauty Industry Statistics for 2024

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During recessions, there’s a phenomenon known as the ‘lipstick effect’. It refers to people occasionally buying smaller treats like lipstick instead of splurging on bigger and more expensive items. This theory is based on the idea that consumers would always find the means to purchase luxury goods regardless of the economic situation. But due to […]

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27 Revealing Fast Fashion Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

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During the second half of the 20th century, fashion became one of the leading industries in the world. But as you’ll learn from these fast fashion statistics, it was fast fashion rather than luxury fashion that helped transform the industry. It also changed our perception of clothing and how we purchase and wear garments. Keep […]

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The Most Important Fashion Industry Statistics in 2024

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The rising pressure on supply chains, the pressure to reach sustainability goals and the risks of dealing in the online world are some of the main challenges the fashion industry will have to overcome in 2022. Companies will have to exceed expectations to stay afloat. The industry has to focus on digital, environmental, and ethical […]

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How Many People Shop Online? (+9 Other Ecommerce FAQs Answered)

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The ecommerce market has seen incredible growth over the past decade. With the pandemic still raging in 2022, more and more people have been relying on digital stores to provide them with anything they may need—from groceries and clothes to electronics and furniture. In this article, we’ll examine how many people shop online and look […]

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32 Astounding Amazon Statistics to Know in 2024

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At the moment, Amazon is the biggest name in the world of ecommerce. Its retail numbers sound quite insane, and the number of people visiting this platform is growing every day. There are numerous impressive Amazon statistics, especially those related to the holiday season when the sales are so huge that no old-school retailer can […]