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15 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

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We have witnessed a significant change in the fashion industry in the last few years. Sustainability and ethics became core principles of many popular brands, proving the production of clothes doesn’t have to be at the cost of the environment.  Below, you can find a list of the best sustainable fashion brands that create fantastic […]

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20 Astonishing Zara Statistics That Show the Brand’s Value

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Zara is among the most famous fast-fashion retailers in the world. Its shopper visit frequency is three times higher than for most other clothing brands, showcasing a strong brand loyalty. These Zara statistics uncover all of the reasons behind the brand’s success and its presence in the UK market. Learn the most important information about […]

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20+ Mind-Blowing Sportswear Industry Statistics: How the Pandemic Affected the Numbers

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As the pandemic continues to change the way we work and live, the sportswear industry is reaping the benefits. With more people choosing athletic apparel to stay fit at home or athleisure wardrobes to stay comfy while working remotely, sportswear industry statistics show growth rates unprecedented to before the first lockdown. Industry big-names like Nike […]

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20 Mind-Blowing Adidas Facts You Should Know in 2022

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Every sportswear lover knows how iconic Adidas is. These mind-blowing Adidas facts showcase just how influential this brand is and what to expect from it in the future. Find out where the most Adidas apparel is sold worldwide and how popular it is in the UK.  Even though Nike has been its biggest competitor, there’s […]

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23 Perfume Industry Statistics to Catch a Whiff of Right Now

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Many people view perfumes as the less profitable sidekick to makeup in the cosmetics industry. It’s a well-kept secret, though, that the fragrance industry is one of the most lucrative and successful industries in cosmetics worldwide. These perfume industry statistics show the scope of selling scent worldwide and the popularity of a good perfume in […]