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How Many Ecommerce Stores Are There? (And 9 Other Intriguing Questions Answered)

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So far, ecommerce has been steadily growing and reaching new highs. The market is beginning to be quite saturated, as it now takes less than 15 minutes to set up an online shop!

Still, there’s a bit of a downside to the ecommerce boom for shoppers all over the world. How to choose from so many online shops and be sure that you’ve found the best deal? What separates excellent stores from the average ones? Continue reading our frequently asked questions, as we address the latest online shopping facts.

How Many Online Stores Are There?

1. How many ecommerce companies are there?

(Digital Commerce 360)

According to the experts in tracking e-commerce industries, nobody knows the exact number. It seems that it’s not easy to define an e-commerce company: is it a company selling its products or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay? On top of that, the number of online stores is growing at an incredibly fast pace. As a general reference on the state of ecommerce, experts prefer to use the data on the number of e-commerce sites.

2. How many Shopify stores are there?

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As you probably know, Shopify is one of the best global platforms in ecommerce. According to online shopping statistics, it is currently hosting over half a million active stores with collective earnings of more than £40 billion. As you need only 15 minutes to set up the store, Shopify’s popularity is not surprising at all.

3. How many ecommerce sites are there?

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It’s hard to tell precisely, but analysts of the market estimate that there are 12 to 24 million ecommerce websites worldwide. Still, this doesn’t mean that all of them are successful at attracting buyers: almost a million of them have an average sale of £785 per year.

4. What percentage of websites are ecommerce?

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As of February 2022, there are more than 1.2 billion web sites in the entire world. We looked at the data for the top 1 million sites. Built With detected 328,738 cases of ecommerce in the top million, which puts the percentage at 32.7% for the most visited sites.

5. How many people shop online?


Estimations show that 2.14 billion people worldwide shopped online in 2021. According to online shopping statistics, 26% of shoppers purchase their goods online at least once a week, and 3% shop online every day. The numbers are growing quickly, as more and more people use their smartphones for shopping. 

6. How much does the average ecommerce store make?


On average, an ecommerce store earns £36,100 per year. Still, yearly earning depends on many factors. For example, only 2% of ecommerce store visitors will make an actual purchase on the site.

Since the competition among ecommerce stores is so huge, most of the sites need to rely on social media to attract traffic. Despite that, recent internet shopping statistics show that the ecommerce market is far from stagnating.

7. How much is the ecommerce market worth?

(Statista, Ecommerce News)

Worldwide, ecommerce stores sales are projected to reach £5.54 trillion in 2022. It’s predicted that total sales will surpass $7.4 trillion by 2025. According to UK ecommerce statistics, the total ecommerce revenue was projected to reach $222.5 billion in 2020, cementing its position as the third-biggest ecommerce market in the world.

8. What are the biggest ecommerce companies?


Amazon continues to hold the title of the world’s largest online retailer. Chinese companies Jingdong, also known as, and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. occupy the second and the third place. The fourth place is reserved for eBay Inc. The fifth biggest ecommerce company is a Japanese one—Rakuten Inc.

9. What per cent of online retailers now have m-commerce websites?

(Chegg, Office for National Statistics)

M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is surpassing e-commerce at a rapid rate. Currently, 85% of online retailers own m-commerce websites. According to recent online sales statistics,49% of people use smartphones to make an online purchase. In 2020, m-commerce accounted for more than 30% of online retail sales made in the UK, for the first time ever.

10. Is Amazon the largest online retailer?


Absolutely! As you probably know, Amazon revolutionised online retail sales. As a matter of fact, no company has benefited from online shopping growth like Amazon. In 2019, the company surpassed Walmart and took the spot of the largest online retailer in the world by increasing its sales by a stunning 20.45%.

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Ecommerce market shows no signs of declining. It’s quite simple—it will continue to grow along with the further development of digital technologies. Experts predicted that in 2021 the market achieved a 265% ecommerce growth rate compared to 2014.

As our overview of some of the most recent ecommerce statistics shows, it’s essential to know your way and stay informed about such a growing and saturated market.