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How to Get Free Clothes + 8 of the Most Interesting FAQs Answered

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Wondering how to get free clothes might be a favourite past-time or daydream, but nowadays, it’s a possibility. Find out how to access all the sweet freebies from the best brands, gifts on your birthday, and how to address the whole free stuff situation as a social media influencer.

How to Get Free Clothing?

There are so many great ways to get free clothes from companies or other people; you just have to know where to look. Often you’ll have to offer something in return, such as a review or a promotion via social media. Alternatively, you can sign up for different membership programmes and receive freebies from brands as a reward for your loyalty. Either way, here are a few different ways to get those free goods.

1. How to Get Free Clothing From Companies?

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Many companies offer customers special perks if they promote their products. You’ll find most of the offers of this kind in the reward points or referrals sections on brand websites. Some clothing brands will let you collect points whenever you purchase an item or share something on social media. Once you collect enough of them, you get clothes for free as a reward for your loyalty.

Another way to get free clothing is by referring a company to a friend. A lot of brands have a referral system with specific rules you’ll have to follow in order to get a reward. In most cases, you’ll receive a link your friend will need to use in order to inform the company that you sent them to its website. Many brands offer free clothing samples, reward points, or cash for referring a new customer.

Some companies offer users free samples of clothes, but they are a little hard to find. By visiting websites such as Magic Freebies and Latest Free Stuff, you just might find some of them. These sites have a list of the companies that offer free samples, and their database is updated regularly.

2. How Can I Get Free Clothes as an Influencer?

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There are many different ways to get free clothes as an influencer. If you establish your brand and have a moderate following, companies will likely come to you and offer brand deals and partnerships. Once you get in touch with a brand, you could either get paid, get sent free stuff, or both. More commonly, brands send you clothes to try out and promote and let you keep those clothes for free.

Feel free to reach out to companies yourself. When you find a brand that meets your needs, contact it, introduce yourself, state your passions, and provide a link to your social media. In the case you’re a good match, they’ll likely accept the partnership and be open to sending clothing freebies and other items in return for promotion.

Lastly, there are websites designed to connect brands to influencers that share the same vision. One of these websites is  For Bloggers Only. You’ll only have to register on the website, and it will help you find a company you can work with.

3. Where Can You Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday?


Many brands will send discounts and freebies to customers who have an account with their platform on their birthday. You could get anything from free food and drinks to beauty samples. In most cases, the brand will reward you with a special discount to use on the website with your next purchase.

For instance, H&M, Asos, Topshop, Nike, Gap, and New Look offer fantastic discounts for their customers’ birthdays. There are companies that will send you some free stuff, instead. You might not get free designer clothes, but you can still grab some high-quality items you won’t be paying for.

The surest way to get a freebie from a brand is to sign up for an account. You should be a loyal member of their club as perks usually increase once you reach a higher tier.

4. Do Fashion Models Get Free Clothes?

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Unfortunately, models don’t get free clothes. The clothing they wear on runways are usually samples that get presented to international buyers after the show is over.

On the other hand, top models with worldwide recognition can get freebies from designers. In most cases, they’ll get free clothes they have to promote on their social media platforms. That’s more of an influencer partnership than a freebie they received as a model, though.

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5. How to Get Brands to Send You Free Stuff?


You can always contact a brand and set up a partnership if you’re an influencer. In the case you aren’t an influencer, the situation is a little bit different. If you’re a big fan of the brand and have been a loyal customer for a long time, it’s possible that the company will be open to sending you free dresses or bags or other stuff to reward you for your loyalty to the brand.

Introduce yourself and highlight what you love about the products and how long you’ve been using them. Mention that you recommended the brand to many of your friends, and go ahead and ask for free samples or coupons.
Another way to get brands to send you free things is by signing up for their newsletter and becoming a member of their loyalty club.

6. Where to Get Stuff for Free?

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There are a few websites that connect users who want to exchange or donate clothes. If you’re interested in this kind of exchange, you should check out Freecycle Network and Freegle.

You can enter a clothing giveaway to get free stuff. Sweepstakes Fanatic is a great website that frequently offers giveaways for all sorts of things.

Another place where you can find free stuff are Facebook groups. You can look for local groups where people want to gift things they don’t need anymore or offer exchanges.

7. How to Get Free Clothes for Reviews?

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As a product tester, you’ll be sent a sample of a product in order to write a review about it. There are many good product testing websites you can visit to check which brands you can work with.

You should keep in mind that there aren’t that many clothing brands on these websites, so you’ll have to wait for the opportunity to present itself. Some of the great platforms where you can find companies offering free trial clothes are Survey Junkie, Clicks Research, and Toluna.

You can also sign up for sample boxes and get freebies that you’ll have to review. A great example of this kind of system is a Daily Goodie Box.

Some websites work by asking the reviewers to share their feedback on social media. A popular site that helps you connect with brands that will send free trial clothing for this purpose is Savvy Circle.

Another great way to get freebies for your feedback is by writing Amazon reviews. The company has a programme called Amazon Vine, which offers free products to trusted reviewers. This is an invite-only program, however, and you’ll get invited if you’ve been reviewing products on the platform for a long time.

8. How to Get Free Clothes From Shein?


Shein offers amazing perks to customers who become members of its loyalty programme. If you download the Shein app and check in daily, you can earn points worth money to spend on clothes.

Lastly, Shein has a free trial where you can sign up to get clothing samples up to three times a week. After you try them out, you’ll have to review them thoroughly, but you get to keep whatever you received.


Here are just a few ideas on how to get free clothes and samples in the UK. Sure, you’ll probably have to do something to receive your freebies, but it’s well worth it. Sign up for an account, post reviews, or promote a product on your social media.

If you don’t feel like doing something in return, find a Facebook group with people offering clothes they don’t need or participate in a giveaway. All you’ll have to do is meet with a courier to get your shipped freebies. Test your luck at being an influencer. You never know; you might get famous enough to start receiving great free giveaways on a regular basis.