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What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

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What is a tennis bracelet? This is a question that many people have asked, as this type of jewellery is becoming more and more popular. 

Many celebrities have been seen sporting them lately. So, if you’re looking for some new bling to add to your collection, a tennis bracelet may be just what you need!

Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

1. Why Is a Tennis Bracelet Called a Tennis Bracelet?

The tennis bracelet’s meaning is still analysed. It first became famous in the 1920s, when it was simply known as a ‘diamond line’ or ‘eternity’ bracelet. The ‘tennis’ name didn’t appear until almost 50 years later when tennis star Chris Evert is said to have worn a diamond line bracelet during a competition. 

But, the exact reason why this piece of jewellery got the name ‘tennis bracelet’ is much debated. Some say that it was during the 1987 US Open when Evert’s diamond bracelet, made by jewellery designer George Bedewi, broke and the game was paused to find it. Namely, after the game in an interview, Evert referred to it as her tennis bracelet. 

She was the first to do so and created a sports-luxe look so many of us now adore. Regardless of the tennis bracelet‘s origin, it is considered to be fashionable, stylish and elegant to this day.

2. What Is a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet typically refers to a bracelet that is made out of small diamonds. It was first popularised by tennis players and that’s how it got the name. The simplest form of the tennis bracelet is a line of diamonds in the same size, cut, colour, and clarity. Those are neatly set side by side to make a complete and flexible circle.

But, if you want something more original, there are versions of the traditional tennis bracelet design. Some of them include design features such as diamonds of various sizes and shapes, or even cuts combined to make a stylish and elegant piece of jewellery.

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3. What Is Special About a Tennis Bracelet?

Among the types of bracelets, a tennis bracelet is classic and a must-have. There are a few things that make tennis bracelets unique and special.

  • They are very versatile. The elegance of tennis bracelets makes them very functional. Whether you’re going to a wedding, graduation, or just out to dinner with friends, these bracelets are always appropriate.
  • They make a great gift. If you’re looking for a special gift for someone, a tennis bracelet is always a good option. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion. You will unmistakably put a smile on a woman’s face with this bracelet. 
  • They are classic and timeless. Tennis bracelets are exquisite pieces of jewellery that have been worn throughout an entire century, so you know they will never go out of style.

4. What Is the Difference Between a Tennis Bracelet and a Regular Bracelet?

The main difference between a tennis bracelet and a regular one is the type of metal and stones used. While a regular bracelet can be made out of any type of metal and stone, a tennis bracelet is typically made with high-quality materials, typically diamonds, set in gold or platinum.

Also, the tennis bracelet is soft and gently falls around the wrist. Unlike some others, this type is not meant to make a statement but rather to be elegant and classic.

Final Thoughts

So what is a tennis bracelet? A tennis bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery that has been around for a long time and is still fashionable. It is a classic style that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion. If you’re looking for something special, a tennis bracelet may be just what you need!

Tennis bracelets make great gifts for any occasion and are sure to please anyone who receives one. So, if you’re looking for that perfect gift or just want to treat yourself, consider the tennis bracelet!