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How to Become a Nike Product Tester + 5 Answers About Product Testing

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Do you have any experience in product testing or want to learn more about the position? Do you want to find out how to become a Nike product tester to see which perks come with this role?

Your search is over, as we’ve gathered all the crucial info on the brand’s product testing and answered the five most asked questions about the position.

How to Become a Product Tester for Nike?

If you want to become a product tester for the brand, you’ll have to visit a website dedicated to this position. It has different programs you can join and application forms you should fill in to sign up for product testing.

You should know that many applications for product testing at Nike don’t get approved. In contrast, the approved testers typically have to wait a while before they become eligible for product testing. That’s because not every Nike product has to be accessed by a similar group of people.

Sometimes, the brand would need a specific demographic or athletic profile for a particular item. Thus, you’ll have to be patient and may even have to reapply a few times before you get picked.

1. How Do You Become a Tester for Products?

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The process of becoming a product tester is simple. First, you have to do some research to find reputable product testing websites. Then, you should fill in the forms with your information. Clients will need that information when forming a testing group for their products.

Some companies won’t have any preferences, while others will need a specific demographic or testers with certain habits to test their products properly.

You can also google specific brands in your area, such as “Nike product testing UK” if you think you’re the right fit. Moreover, signing up for general sites is smart, especially for beginners.

You’ll either have to wait for clients to contact you or start your search for companies that need testers. That depends on the website you’re using, so read the terms of each platform before signing up.

When you become a tester for a specific product, the company will provide you with the item and thorough instructions on how and when you’ll be using it. As soon as the product testing of clothes, shoes, or programs is over, you’ll have to submit your feedback.

Some companies will pay you in cash for your services, while others offer freebies. Alternatively, you can receive a gift card or a coupon to use on their website. Thus, if you want to earn actual money for your work, you shouldn’t apply for testing positions to companies that don’t pay their testers.

While there are many excellent product testing sites, we recommend that you start with platforms such as Toluna and ClicksResearch. Moreover, you can check UserTesting and Home Tester Club.

2. How Much Do Nike Product Testers Make?


Even though many popular brands offer actual salaries to their product testers, Nike went in a different direction. If you become a tester for the brand, you won’t earn any money. In fact, the brand has actual quality testers who are employees of the company and get paid for what they do.

On the other hand, regular customers who want to participate in creating a product with the brand won’t get paid. However, in most cases, a Nike product tester won’t have to return the items they’re testing. Thus, unlike Adidas, Nike actually lets you keep the things you’re testing.

As most Nike products are pretty expensive, we can’t say that’s a bad deal. However, it will be a good bargain for those who actually like Nike products and would purchase something from the brand. Those who aren’t should check another brand that will pay them for their work.

3. How Old Do You Have to Be to Become a Nike Product Tester?

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Nike has a few different programs for product testers. The first one is for adults who must be at least 18 years old to participate in it. They’ll be testing out product lines for adults.

The second program is for minors who are 13 to 17 years old. They’ll be testing lines for youngsters. This one is not as popular, and Nike doesn’t need people from this age category all the time.

Thus, when you go to the website to sign up for Nike product testing and click on that category, chances are you’ll get a message informing you that Nike doesn’t need any testers at that time. Hence, you’ll have to visit the website every few weeks to check if the brand opened the applications for that program.

Lastly, Nike has a program for minors younger than 12. This one is different from others as parental consent is necessary for the position. Parents will have to create their accounts before being able to sign up their kids for product testing

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4. How to Get Free Shoes From Nike?


There are a few ways to get free shoes from brands. The first one is by participating in giveaways. Nike doesn’t organise giveaways on its official website or social media profiles, but many resellers of Nike apparel do. Thus, you can check your local stores or popular footwear reseller websites and social media to see whether there are any ongoing giveaways at the moment.

In addition, we already mentioned that many Nike product testers can keep the items they’re testing. Product testing for Nike is a great way to have something to do and maybe even get an exclusive pair of sneakers for a job well done.

Social media influencers can also get free shoes and other products from Nike when they partner up with the brand. If you have a larger following, it might be a good idea to contact the company or a popular reseller and ask for a sponsorship. Your offer will have a higher chance of being accepted in case your blog or social media profile is focused on earning from the growing sportswear market.

5. How to Get Free Clothes From Nike?


You can get free clothes from Nike by doing the same things you would if you wanted free shoes. For instance, you can reach out to the brand or a Nike reseller and ask for sponsorship in case you have a more considerable social media following.

What’s more, participating in giveaways is a great way to earn freebies without doing anything. You can also sign up to become a product tester and get Nike free clothes. Another way to get freebies is by signing up for membership programs on the Nike official website or popular resellers’ sites. There is a possibility that some of them will send their most loyal customers free clothes or fantastic discounts for their birthdays or holidays.


As you can see, the Nike product testing program application process is pretty simple. You will just have to choose your category and fill in the application form. However, the same cannot be said about becoming an actual product tester for Nike.

The brand is pretty picky with its testers, and chances are you’ll have to apply a few times before being chosen. Still, if you’re persistent, you could get an exclusive sneak peek at the brand’s upcoming collection and might even get to keep some items after testing is done.