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19 Dazzling Jewellery Industry Statistics on Its Current State and Future Trends

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Amid the pandemic, many industries faced economic hardships—and the jewellery industry was no exception. With people around the world spending most of their time at home, the demand for jewellery was down, and the latest jewellery industry statistics reflect this. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll see exactly how severe an effect the pandemic had on […]

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33 Illustrative Online Shopping Statistics for 2022

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Online shopping statistics are the best indicator of the ecommerce world in 2022. Every year, the number of internet users grows. This means that the potential number of buyers increases as well. Besides this, online shopping tools and online shopping trends are constantly evolving to offer new incentives to consumers. If there’s one thing that […]

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29 Most Notable Mobile Commerce Statistics in 2022

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Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is a form of ecommerce that takes place on mobile devices. In the past, some people were quite sceptical regarding the potential of mobile devices in online sales. This happened because of a widespread belief that the screen size was proportional to the conversion rate and that desktop and tablet were […]

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20+ Handy Coupon Statistics to Have in Mind in 2022

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When they think of coupons, many people still picture themselves clipping out tiny squares from newspapers and leaflets. Although print coupons are still going strong, couponing has undergone significant changes and experienced renewed popularity in the internet era. As these coupon statistics will show you, modern consumers are always on the lookout for good deals […]